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Started by wm.annis, March 02, 2010, 10:14:46 PM

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So, we need to get Frommer a list of words, with the priority words to be delivered to him by March 12th.  That's 10 days from now (in my time zone).

Right now we're rounding up the rest of the team of people who will work on editing the final document we send to Frommer.  I'll update this note when we've got the team together.

For now, feel free to create new posts here with words you think it is vital Na'vi have.  But please keep Karyu Pawl's suggestions in mind —

  • don't just give a bare English word, but give a range of meanings
  • you don't have to use just English
  • examples of expected use are very helpful
  • say how important you think it is (A, B or C priority — be realistic ;) )
  • vocabulary questions only, not grammar
  • please take a look at the topic list

Also — check to see if someone has already suggested your word or concept!  If you are in the "Vocabulary Expansion" subforum the search tool at the top of the page will only search this area.  I will simply delete posts asking for things that have already been discussed.  If your word idea is important enough to post, it's important enough to research.

We're still working on the details of how the final editing of the report to Karyu Pawl will be organized and managed.  Again, I hope to be able to explain the details in the next day or so.


The Editors

While there are still a few requests out, we have most of the editors for this project.

  • Wm Annis (chief herder of cats)
  • Na'righawnu
  • Taronyu
  • The Wikipedia Dude (he goes by so many names)
  • omängum fra'uti
  • Lance R. Casey
  • Karyu Amawey
  • (this list may get somewhat longer in the next day or so)

The job of the editors will be to collect the mass of suggestions and words appearing here and organize them into something Karyu Pawl can work with more easily, as well as provide initial linguistic sanity checking.  There are still a few technical details to be worked out about the initial collation of all this information, but I want it to be visible to everyone, even if the final edits are up to the editors.  This forum will of course be the right place to talk about the editor's work.

I got verification today from Karyu Pawl that the format I was intending is good, so my number one job is the production of an indexed PDF file with the vocabulary arranged by topics.  Depending on how the collation is handled, I'll make sure a public version of that document is kept up to date and available for everyone to look at and complain about (politely).