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To will/force


I was thinking about the sentence "I forced myself to eat it" and the best I could come up with was oe y├Ąpeykolom tsat, but here's what I don't like:

1.  With reflexives you don't have the ergative, but with transitive verbs taking the causative you do, so which decides the subject's ending?

2.  Which comes first ├Ąp or eyk?

3.  The "to" in the English translation makes me want to throw in the subjunctive, but that makes it even more of a mess.

Given this I think it would be much easier to just have a verb meaning "to will/force oneself."

Perhaps an addition to the vocab C list?

Yeah, we have no reason to believe that one can pile up multiple transitivity infixes.

We already have "force" as a B-list word, fortunately.

That seemed a more physical interpretation of force, I was going for more mental force/will.  Close enough in my book though.


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