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[Signatures] How to put a sig on the forum


EywayƤ mokri:
Putting a signature is not always that easy, and some people might not know how to make it. So I decided to make this little tuto about it. This is not so hard but diserves to be said.

1. Go to your profile page.

2. On the left you'll see your profile menu. Chose "Forum Profile Information".

3. Once there, you'll see all the informations you can modify. Spot the place where you can write the message you want to be your sig.

4. Simply add the bbcode (without spaces) and put the link of your image between the brackets (you can host your file or even take the link from an image on the internet).

5. Save your changes and it should appear on the forum then.

6. Congratz, you did it!


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