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Toruk Makto:
There is an interesting little option on Cloudflare to translate LN pages into other languages by choosing the language from a box at the bottom of the page.  I have this turned on as a test, but can't tell if this is breaking things for our non-english-speaking friends.  Can I get some feedback as to whether this is working, or has it confused everything?  Thanks!  -Markì

Tirea Aean:
This is an interesting option considering the SMF Language Options. Maybe this solves the issue of the majority of forums / post contents being in English, where SMF options page only translates the interface. I think it's a good idea but may make for some hilarious weirdness when some information from posts may get lost in translation. Particularly between languages of unrelated families. That's just how Google Translate rolls ;D

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Toruk Makto:
I wanted it for the main site, but everything gets it.


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Well, as with every translation programme, the longer and complicated the texts, the more confusing it gets. ;)

It works for German for the most part, i.e. you get the meaning but sometimes the choice of words is a bit off.


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