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Happy Holidays Na'vi!

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Karyu Amawey:
I wanted to wish everyone a Happy/Merry Christmahannukwanzakah and I hope everyone has a fantastic winter season!  Thanks to everyone for making this forum my go to place for fun, advise, and general enthusiasm that I haven't felt since I was a little kid!

seconded. I haven't been excited about something like this in what seems like too long a time. <3 you all  :-*

Nume fpi sänume:
Awww thanks :D Yeah, this is a ton of fun, and here i thought i was going to be bored on christmas break

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeey gotta love you all too! It's being really fun around here!

And guess what Karyu Amawey? It's summer for me!  :D

Oel ngati kameie smúkan sì smuke.

tute nuereime:
sìltsan trr   -fa    nawm   ay-t<er>ìng
good   day with   noble      givings
merry     Christmahannukwanzakah


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