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Is it just me?

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Or is it getting impossible to keep up?
I'm working for my exams, which are coming up in January, and when I have free time, I work for the forum, either by (trying my feeble hand at) making music, working with Photoshop or Moderating and welcoming newcomers... and I just realized I'm not honing my Na'vi anymore...
It might be that my subconscious shuts down after 9 hours of studying, but even so, I want to learn Na'vi.

It is getting harder to keep up :P

I still have been able to keep an eye in every forum so far...That 500 member mark is looming, but coming fast.  am pretty sure when it does hit, I will start getting exclusive.

Nume fpi sänume:
Yes, i find it hard to keep up as well. I pretty much just watch the music forums, trying to offer advice there when i can, and then the welcome forums as well. I'll drop into the beginners and intermediate forums from time to time between my flash card lessons and my working on the music.

Eywayä mokri:
I have the same problem. :) I did stop quite everything in my life just to be able to follow the community. :) But it's not going to be possible anymore soon. :)

Nume fpi sänume:
Yes, between working on a song, usual practice sessions, and going back to work on the 4th, i have to get in as much as i can now before i lose most of my current free time.


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