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Toruk Makto


If you're new: Kaltxì and welcome to LearnNavi!

This post is meant to clear up any confusion about the LearnNavi forum. Please refer to this page for any questions.

About LearnNavi

  • Mission Statement:
    • LearnNaviTM is more than a fan site, we are also a community of learners. This forum is for friendly and helpful discussions about the Na'vi language and topics centering around the film AVATAR (and impending sequels).

  • LearnNavi is not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company, LightStorm Entertainment or James Cameron. We respect and enforce intellectual property and copyrights to the best of our knowledge and ability. This involves effort from the LearnNavi administrators and moderators and includes (but is not limited to) removing or stopping any discussions, posts, or threads, any of which encourage the unlicensed duplication or sharing of copyrighted materials. This includes all LearnNavi.org services including the main web site, forums, wiki and Discord servers.

  • The LearnNavi Collective:
    • Info/Community:
      • https://www.learnnavi.org/ - the homepage, with general information about the Na'vi language
      • https://forum.learnnavi.org/ - a discussion board and online community centered around the film and language. Note that our servers run full system backups up every Monday morning at 1:00am CST and even though most LearnNavi services are not affected, the forum may be unavailable for a few minutes while the snapshot is being made.
      • https://discord.gg/LearnNavi - the interactive, multimedia resource for our community. Learn, hear and speak Na'vi with our instructors and other community members.
      • https://wiki.learnnavi.org/ - a collaborative project to compile all relevant information and aspects of the language. A login is required to contribute. (which is not the same as your forum login)
    • Legacy Resources:
    • LearnNavi around the web
    • Server info
      The LearnNavi world runs as multiple virtual machines on VMware/Docker/Kubernetes servers located in Houston, Texas and Denver, Colorado. Network access is via 1000Mb connections to diverse major carriers. The primary Houston server is a SuperMicro with 32 AMD cores and 256GB of RAM. Storage is 10TB on a 12Gb/s SAS-based RAID5 and the guest OS environments include Linux, CentOS and FreeBSD: Na'vi Shell.

Rules, Policies, and Code of Conduct
A lot of folks have said that this community is one of the friendliest and most helpful that they have ever experienced and been part of. Here's how you can help us keep it this way!
  • Respect the Golden Rule: Kemìri a ngaru prrte' ke lu, tsakem rä'ä sivi aylaheru. Be nice to everyone, especially newcomers.
  • The forum, like the film, is rated PG-13. For those outside of the United States or those unfamiliar with the rating: Don't post anything here you wouldn't want your parents or employers to see. This includes vulgar nudity, distasteful material, and any hateful attitudes. There are plenty of other websites out there specialize in risque and offensive things. Keep it there - don't bring it here please. All posts to the forums are public and unless otherwise specified, are accessible by anyone browsing this forum.
  • Tasteful and concise links and descriptions to canon Na'vi language resources are permitted in signatures and forum posts. Spam, or advertising websites, forums or other online resources that are not Na'vi language related is not allowed.
  • Try not to necropost, as this could lead to the spread of old or incorrect information and confuse people. However, if you don't think the thread has much incorrect information and you've got something very useful to add, you're probably ok to post. PM a mod if you're not sure.
  • If you have a personal conflict or an issue with other members, please try to first resolve it in private via our messaging system. Issues concerning the site or its documents should be posted in the corresponding forum or sub-forum.
  • Outside of the Off-Topic and Spam sections, please try to stay on topic. A forum is a discussion board, not a chat. We have a shout box at the top of the forum index page for transient comments as well as the Discord server for that.
  • Content posted to the forum should be considered given to the public domain. Individual posts to the forums can be selectively deleted by the posting member, but entire topics or requests for large-scale deleting of content will not be accepted. If you delete your membership from the forums, your content remains and will not be removed.
  • Your moderators are members like you who have been appointed to enforce the forum rules and keep things running smoothly. Respect their authority, and avoid arguments.
  • Our community is like a family. If you have an issue with another member's post or you see another member breaking these rules, do not hesitate to report it to a moderator, or send a moderator a private message.
  • Signature rules:
    • No images larger than 500x100 pixels
    • No vulgarities
  • Bannable offenses:
    • We are a welcoming community that embraces everyone regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation including LGBTQ+, trans persons, and any other aspect of personal identity. Community member harassment of any kind is not tolerated.
    • Deliberately or repeatedly violating copyrights after being warned will result in a ban.
    • Argumentative, insulting or pejorative discussions intended to incite or perpetuate conflict on the learnnavi.org threads (TROLLING) is not permitted.
  • Should you partake in bannable actions, the Ban Ikran will eat your account.

Forum Features
  • Notes
    • Posts in the SPAM section do not count towards your post count.
    • Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled on your browser for the forum to display correctly. Older versions of browsers may not render the pages correctly.
    • If you want to write a Personal Message (PM) to a member with an apostrophe in their name, just go to the profile of the member you want to PM and click at "Send personal message" OR use the Username that you can see in the profile too.
  • Stars and Ranking System
    The colors and number of stars indicate the amount of participation in the forum, or additional roles of the member.
    • Moderators
      Admin (Toruk Makto)
      Global Mod (Olo'eyktan Anawm)
      Moderator (Olo'eyktan)

    • Regular Members
      Ketuwong (0-49 posts)
      Tawtute (50-99 posts)
      Uniltìranyu (100-199 posts)
      'Eveng (200-299 posts)
      Tute (300-399 posts)
      Omatikaya (400-499 posts)
      Taronyu (500-749 posts)
      Ikran Makto (750-999 posts)
      Palulukan Makto (1000-9999 posts)
      Eywatsyìp (10000+ Posts)

Special Thanks to...

This page may change in the future, so it's a good idea to keep an eye on it.

Change log:
  • 4/2/2011: Added note about signatures
  • 4/27/2013: Fixed a broken link to the Ban Ikran image
  • 8/19/2013: Added note on forum availability during system backups
  • 9/30/2013: Added information about mass-deleting of forum content.
  • 10/15/2013: Added information on PM to a member with an apostrophe in their name.
  • 12/30/2013: Corrected spelling mistakes and added information about the shout box.
  • 8/21/2015: Added missing Eywatsyìp post rank to the list
  • 12/13/2017: Removed IRC reference since that service has been replaced with Discord
  • 4/16/2019: Removed reference to 20th Century Fox and added reference to The Walt Disney Company
  • 1/20/2022: Edited rule regarding posting of URLs to allow Na'vi language resources to be posted.
  • 12/21/2022: Removed Karma system references

Lì'fyari leNa'vi 'Rrtamì, vay set 'almong a fra'u zera'u ta ngrrpongu
Na'vi Dictionary: http://files.learnnavi.org/dicts/NaviDictionary.pdf