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I just going to mentioning some stuff about the gallery upgrade in order to let you all know that the LN administators are still working on it.

Upgrading the gallery is by far not easy, especially if the top priority lies on keeping all the stuff like they are without having mess. Also, a gallery should be usable for the members which makes it extra difficult to get a successor for our gallery mobule that is from the time of the first songs and beyond.

There is a demo site by the author of the modification and maybe you could take a look on it and post your opinions/thoughts about it?

What happens to the audio files?

I just noticed that the audio tracks that have been saved in the folder for the Na’vi Nì’aw Audio Chat Thread are no longer playeable… :(

The gallery is "offline" untill the file transfere has been compleded. The audio files you mentioning are safe.

The file importer does not worked very well and failed importing audio/video files and some albums. I have to upload ALL missing files (1100+) **manually**, and fix the ownership of the files. A bit patience, ma smuk.

All audio files in the "Audio Files for Audio Chat in Na'vi" album/category has been reuploaded at 5am (GMT+1)...

Btw, with the opening of the new gallery, ALL old gallery links won't work.

EDIT: Which audio files do you mean exactly?


--- Quote from: Tìtstewan on November 07, 2015, 04:06:04 am ---The gallery is "offline"

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