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Toruk Makto:
 The current gallery mod is older than I am * and has cobwebs and dust on it. We are going to try to upgrade to a modern version (SMFPacks Media Gallery) and convert the existing uploaded content. The upgrade will be tested on an offline testbed to make sure everything works before being applied here. More details to come...


 :) :)

--- Quote ---The current gallery mod is older than I am *
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---The current gallery mod is older than I am
--- End quote ---

The work you guys have done is amazing! Thank you for keeping the Kelutral in a good state!

`Eylan Ayfalulukanä:
Now, all we need is an antimissle battery in case the RDA decides to attack ;)

This site doesn't use Aveya Media, does it?

Nope, it doesn't use Aeva Media. Aeva Media is old as well and should not be used anymore. The video embedding module we currently use is a completely different one that use more modern stuff (HTML5) for embedding. The lastest Aeva Media mod contains a gallery and an embedding system in one package. LN1 used a predecessor of the Aeva Media system where the media embedding and the gallery were separete modifications. Currently, LN2 uses the old gallery module that is originally from the LN1 that I have modified to get it working on LN2...


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