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Radio station looking for Na'vi speaker

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Hi there

I'm a radio producer and I'm looking for somebody who can speak Na'vi to help us translate some song lyrics into Na'vi, and we'd very much like to speak to a Na'vi speaker on the telephone on the radio show.

We're a national radio station called Absolute Radio and we'd love to chat to somebody on the phone if somebody is up for that?

Is anybody able to help or can you point me in the right direction?


Tirea Aean:
Up for it. PM me for my number

I've just PM'd you


Wow, awesome! Tirea Aean definitely is the right person for that :D
Are recordings going to be available afterwards? :)

Hopefully, I'm just waiting for her number to I can get in touch with her

I'll be sure to post it here if we do it!


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