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Tirea Aean:
Kaltxì ma frapo. It seems Taronyu has decided to discontinue his work with constantly updating the dictionary. The dictionary lives on of course in much the same way it has been for a long time. Just let it be clear that the dictionary maintenance is now under new management; that is, Markì and I are taking over Taronyu's work. Here is Taronyu's announcement:

--- Quote from: Taronyu on May 23, 2011, 11:30:13 am ---Announcement!

So, after 18 months of being the dictionary-man, (or Head Lexicographer, as I like to put on my CV), I am going to stop updating the dictionary. It's been a really great learning experience, for me, and I really enjoyed all of the enthusiasm that this board has to offer. As I've said elsewhere, I came here originally just to have a poke around, and the community here and this dictionary soon radically changed my view of Na'vi, and I ended up loving it and really enjoying all of the friends I've made here. Going to California was one of the highlights of my undergraduate career - and checking in here, daily, as I've been won't to do, has been a great and constant source of joy and constancy when a lot of my life has changed around me.  

However, I've become increasingly busy this year, as you may have noticed, and I just graduated from my undergraduate degree (unsurprisingly, in Linguistics). I have a pretty intensive job for the summer, and added on to that, I am going to be starting a masters in the fall. Because of this, I feel that it would be best if I let the dictionary go. I'm giving it over to Markì and Tirea Aean, in whose capable hands it should be completely safe.

I'll still be kicking around, here and there. But I just won't be the person to go to anymore for the dictionary. I'm going to lock this thread in a few days, as well, and there will be a new one for all of you to look at and submit your errors to. :)

Thanks, everyone, for making this a great experience. :)


--- End quote ---

This thread is basically the same as the previous one. The purpose was to clearly state the above. Please continue to help out by reporting bugs and such on this thread to better the dictionary as you all always have. I'd like to thank Taronyu, Tuiq, and every person who posted stuff in the other thread for being awesome. Here is the information as found in post #1 in the Our Dictionary thread (edited):

So, I liked the dictionaries we have right now, but I felt I wanted one with better formatting. I also found a few errors, and I just generally wanted to do something, so I made another one. The data I have is directly sourced, and most of it now comes directly from Frommer. Please, if you know of any words not present, errors, or have any suggestions, please please please post them here.

I have marked all pronunciation using the IPA, as Frommer has given it, including stress, syllable divisions, infix positions, and exceptions to general rules.

There are several appendices:

* A) A chart of the Na'vi Numbers
* B) A Time Chart, for the days of the week and the times of the day
* C) Na'vi Loan Words
* D) Proper Nouns in Na'vi, including the flora and fauna of Pandora
* E) A List of Pandoran Flora and Fauna
* F) Useful Stock Phrases and Idioms
* G) A list of the Na'vi Alphabet
* H) Illegal words found in official sources.
* I) A list infixes and inflections, with examples
* J) A change log, listing what I've changed in each version.
This is the most complete dictionary we currently have which is downloadable: the other is in the Wiki. There will inevitably be errors. They are updated very frequently


The Na'vi Dictionary Complete.

The Concise Na'vi Dictionary Without Derivations and some Appendices

The Na'vi Dictionary Categorised by Part of Speech

English - Na'vi Dictionary Translated by Taronyu


Na'vi - Dutch Dictionary Translated by Leofox, updated by Puvomun

Na'vi - Dutch Categorised Dictionary Translated by Leofox, updated by Puvomun

Dutch - Na'vi Dictionary Translated by Leofox, updated by Puvomun


Na'vi - Estonian Dictionary Translated by KalaKuival

Na'vi - Estonian Categorised Dictionary Translated by KalaKuival

Estonian - Na'vi Dictionary Translated by KalaKuival


Na'vi - German/Deutsch Dictionary Translated by Nawmaritie and Plumps183

Na'vi - German/Deutsch Categorised Dictionary Translated by Nawmaritie and Plumps183

German/Deutsch - Na'vi Dictionary Translated by Nawmaritie and Plumps183


Na'vi - Magyar/Hungarian Dictionary Translated by Kifkeyä Nari

Na'vi - Magyar/Hungarian Categorised Dictionary Translated by Kifkeyä Nari

Magyar/Hungarian - Na'vi Dictionary Translated by Kifkeyä Nari


Na'vi - Português Dictionary Translated by Arthur Sousa

Na'vi - Português Categorised Dictionary Translated by Arthur Sousa

Português - Na'vi Dictionary Translated by Arthur Sousa


Na'vi - Swedish Dictionary Translated by Le'eylan

Na'vi - Swedish Categorised Dictionary Translated by Le'eylan

Swedish - Na'vi Dictionary Translated by Le'eylan


Na'vi - Na'vi Kelku ayLi'uä Translated by Taronyu, Skxawng, Ftiafpi, Markì and Mirri , updated by Eywa'eveng-tìranyu

Other dictionaries that are not updated completely:

Russian: Version 10

Na'vi - Russian Dictionary Translated by Night Raider, avb2008, Atantsawkeyä

Na'vi - Russian Categorised Dictionary Translated by Night Raider, avb2008, Atantsawkeyä

Russian - Na'vi Dictionary Translated by Night Raider, avb2008, Atantsawkeyä

If you speak another language, and want to translate, please let Tuiq or [Markì or Tirea Aean] know.

Kaltxì ma Tirea ;)

glad to see that the project does not die. Does anything change with regard to those (including myself :P ) who translate the dictionary into other languages?

Tirea Aean:
:) The system for updating the dictionary has not changed.

Seykxel sì nitram ulte nìli seiyi irayo!

Will anything about the structure change (now or in the future?) Specifically, will canonical sentences and phrases be added to the definitions?

Ma Markì sì Tirea Aean - seykxel sì nìtram. :)
I'm glad to see that the work on the dictionary will continue. Because almost all the dictionaries on other sites based on our.


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